11 Thoughts All Girls Have During Sex

Did he just... yup, he did.

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It doesn't matter whether it's with a boyfriend, husband, friend or stranger: every girl has a whole ton of thoughts that unintentionally whizz through her brain while getting down and dirty. It's not a matter of distraction; sometimes we just can't help but think quite bizarre thoughts. Ranging from €˜'Why hasn'€™t he just paid the slightest bit of attention to this REALLY expensive salmon-coloured underwear I bought just for him?'€™ to '€˜Oh my lord I€™m in sexy-time heaven and I don'€™t ever want to do anything else with my life ever again'€™, there are a whole lot of issues that can subconsciously cause a woman€™s mind to wander.

So guys: if you're having sex with a lady and you look down to see a vaguely glazed expression momentarily pass across her face, don't panic - she's not suffering mercury poisoning from swallowing one of her fillings. She's probably just considering what she wants to cook for dinner tonight or whether it€™s worth getting a take-out, and whether she'll miss the beginning of X Factor.

It doesn'€™t mean you€™'re not being a great lay. She€™'s just really good at multi-tasking (and chances are, you'€™re probably considering whether a take-out is a good after-sex idea too...)

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