12 Sex Fetishes That You Wouldn't Believe People Are Into

This isn't for the faint hearted.

It's difficult to think that you're into something that other people find weird. It seems normal to you, it makes you comfortable and there are so many other people in the world that you can't be the only person to enjoy a certain sexual pleasure. As long as you and your partner are safe and happy, it's hardly weird, is it? But that doesn't mean that you'd want to see yourself indulging these fantasies because it isn't until you see what you're physically doing that it can put you off. Although this isn't the same for everyone. There are people who love to dress up as babies and will happily parade (crawl) in front of the camera. There are some things that you'll keep to yourself because it arouses you and you get off that way, but a party for one is never as fun as a party for two. So whilst you may not find what you're doing to be a bit weird, there are other people who will think that what you're doing is a teeny tiny bit crazy. Sex is something that you enjoy because you're getting intimate with someone that you trust and if they're not into the things that you're into then that's fair enough. You'll just have to find someone who is up for your particular adventures, or just keep them to yourself.

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