19 Problems Only People Who Grew Up With A Babyface Will Understand

10. "How Old Were You In That Photo? YOU WERE WHAT!?"

Looking through old photos as somebody who grew up with babyface, can be a tasking process to say the least. Say you're showing your spouse or your friends pictures of your childhood. There's a picture of you playing for your school's football or netball team. "Was that the Under 7's team?" your company may ask. "No, I was 11 in that one" you reply. "Oh", they respond in shock (with a bit of underlying laughter).

9. People Younger Than You Finding You Attractive

You've got this girl/guy in mind as a potential girlfriend/boyfriend. You're 18, she's 17. You know she's/he's going to be at a gathering you're going to later that week. You prepare yourself - nice clothes, a nice fragrance, your opening line - and it's all going swimmingly. Then, you get there and the only person showing any kind of interest in you is her/his 12 year old sister/brother. Nightmare. Sure, if you're 50 and you're still attracting people in their mid-30s, you're doing well. If you're 18 and there's a 12 year old stalking you, it's just embarrassing.

8. Getting Charged Less For Things

Okay, so this seems cool - you get on a bus, go to the cinema or go to use the leisure facilities at a local complex and the full price is for anyone over the age of 16. You're 18 and, without any questions being asked, the person responsible for taking money automatically charges you the junior price, meaning you definitely look like you're 15 or under. That's not cool. You save yourself a bit of money, and that's great, but if you're with your friends and they see you being charged a kids' price, you'll never, ever live it down.
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