20 Sneakiest Hidden Messages In Advertising

Look closer.

13 Advertising agencies can be pretty sneaky in their efforts to market products. From subliminal messages to large-scale marketing campaigns, it's a safe bet that almost every method has been used in an attempt to sell you something. Often, there are hidden messages or images hidden in the advertisements themselves. These can vary between suggestive words, evocative images, and clever statements about the company that aren't always clear from the beginning. Of course, not all hidden advertising messages are nefarious, with many acting as simple easter eggs by the artists. We've put together a list of 20 of the sneakiest hidden messages in advertising, from witty, obscure posters, to hidden tidbits in famous logos that you might never have noticed before.

20. Three Green Bottles

20 Unless you're particularly filthy minded, this image of three green bottles from a beer ad seems fairly innocent at a glance. However, rotate the image 180 degrees and it's a whole different story.

19. Bear In The Mountains

19 One of the more easily recognisable logos on this list, the Toblerone logo also conceals a sweet little homage. Look carefully at the mountain and you'll see a bear standing on two legs, in reference to the chocolate's town of origin.

18. The Text Cyclist

18 The Tour De France has been going since 1903, and has become the most prestigious cycling event in the world. Take a close look at the logo, and you'll see that the 'OUR' and orange circle make up an image of someone riding a bicycle.

17. Mickey And Crossbones

17 Pirates of the Caribbean was somewhat more 'mature' than their usual output at the time of its release. Despite this, they hid a reference to their most well-known mascot in one of the film's most widely used promotional posters.

16. Dollar Lettuce

16 We're starting to get into very sneaky territory now. This notorious KFC ad features a tiny dollar bill hidden in the 'Snacker's lettuce, in a subliminal message reinforcing the budget price of the sandwich.
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