7 Things You Need To Know About Toy Story Land At Walt Disney World

You need to know what's inside Woody's Lunch Box.


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In just a couple of months time the rootinest, tootinest themed land in Walt Disney World will open its doors. Guests at Hollywood Studios will soon be shrunk down to the size of a toy and enter the world of Woody, Buzz and the gang at the theme park created from Andy's imagination.

You'll get to ride with Slinky Dog, spin with the little green aliens and dine at the biggest lunch box and thermos you will ever see. All your favourite characters will be there and you'll even be able to meet some of them.

So get ready to head to infinity and beyond as we look at the 7 things that you need to know about Toy Story Land...

7. You'll Be In Andy's Back Yard


You'll be shrunk down to the size of a toy as you enter Andy's back yard.

Andy has created his own theme park using carnival games and you get to be one of his guests. He's used his own lunch box and thermos to build a restaurant, tinker toys decorate the walkways and Christmas lights are strung around to light his park.

Of course you aren't the only toys in the land. Keep an eye out for Woody, Buzz and Jesse as they appear around the park. Reports are that there are going to be perfect opportunities to get the perfect photo, this pretty land is going to be Instagrammer friendly.


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