8 Hollywood Blockbusters That Are Guilty Of BS Science

7. There's Literally No Surviving A Black-Hole (No Matter How Much You Love) - Interstellar

Interstellar is unquestionably a great film, but it's horribly guilty of scientific posturing. Unlike a fantasy film in the Star Wars mould, this film makes very large claims for itself since it purports to be wholly scientifically accurate. Actually to be more clear, Christopher Nolan has since explained that everything in the film should be at least theoretically possible. But Wait... Have you heard of 'spaghettification'? No? Basically a black hole has a massive gravitational pull. If you were to fall feet first into one, because your feet would be closer to the black hole, you would be stretched out into a long tube - hence the term. The same effect actually applies on Earth too, but since the gravitational pull of the Earth is so much smaller, and the Earth is less compact, the effects are by comparison non-existent. So what can we take away from this? Well, when Matthew McConaughey falls into the black hole and goes beyond the event horizon towards the end of the film he should be pulled apart like a long piece of string. This would of course have been a far different ending to the one in the film - where love is able to transcend dimensions and save humanity. Yeah, science!

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