8 Legendary Duos Who Hated Each Other's Guts

8. Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis


Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis are each showbiz legends in their own right--Martin was the coolest member of The Rat Pack (no small feat), while Lewis became the king of physical comedy. But before their stars streaked high in opposite directions, they were together for a full decade as the comedy duo Martin and Lewis. They were incredibly successful during the early to mid '50s, rivaling the popularity of Elvis Presley and selling out their live shows all over the country.

But the problem with a comedy duo containing one of the greatest comedic minds of all time is that, by comparison, the other guy is going to be left out in the lurch every now and again. But Dean Martin felt he was being wrongly overshadowed, with Jerry overtaking the direction of their act completely and losing sight of their "team nature" along the way. Then Martin started being cropped out of magazine covers and relegated to the B-stories in their films.

The jealousy began to intensify, with Martin putting less and less effort into his work and Lewis becoming irritated with Martin's seemingly nonexistent work ethic. It was an unbreakable cycle that ended in an acrimonious split. Martin was the one who put the final nail in the Martin and Lewis coffin, telling his partner, "You're nothing to me but a f*cking dollar sign."


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