8 Things That Don't Look Anything Like They Do In Movies

Black Hole Interstellar

You might want to sit down for this, but sometimes movie makers bend the truth a bit.

You can see why they do it. Reality is boring and no one in their right mind would pay a tenner to see a film that is exactly like their day to day existence. That said, a lot of the inaccuracies occur so often these days that it's beginning to look a lot like laziness.

Considering how bonkers people go when a film is scientifically accurate, like with Interstellar's black hole (but maybe not, we'll get to that) or The Martian's everything, you'd think that more directors would jump on the realism bandwagon.

Of course, it's their duty as filmmakers to make something that's entertaining. It is also our duty as scientists (even if we're just scientists in spirit) to lift the veil on long-held misconception and smugly ruin films for people.

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