9 Dangerous Things Governments Can’t Seem To Keep Safe

Tank Governments are not exactly known for being able to keep secrets or safeguard important information. Classified documents have been left on trains, military secrets left on unencrypted computers and the White House struggles to keep anything under wraps. However there are a few things that have gone missing over the years that most people would probably prefer were where they were supposed to be...

9. Fighter Jet Engines

Fighter Jets In December 2010 eight F-16 jet engines were stolen from an Israeli airbase... even though the engines were located at an active military base and weighing more than 3,700 pounds each. Authorities had no idea how they were taken, despite other engines going missing in similar circumstances in 2011. In an attempt to play down the theft, the Israeli Defence Force stated that the engines were most likely stolen for scrap. Obviously having expensive military hardware in unknown hands isn€™t particularly reassuring. Some experts speculated that competing countries, such as China and Iran, might have acquired the engines. They would be useful for their own military as their design is still relatively state of the art, allowing the F-16 Fighter Jet to travel at speeds of 1,500 mph.
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