Which Films Did These Bond Girls Appear In?

You don't want to tussle with these ladies, or do you?


Bond girls are gorgeous, and in some cases deadly.

Either portrayed as the attractive love interest or the femme fatale, these ladies all conform to a fairly well-defined standard of beauty. There is no arguing with that.

Their names are often silly and their outfits skimpy. And other the years many beautiful actresses have taken on these roles. But where they previously existed in the Bond world as simple eye candy that ends up being saved or slain by Bond, in the more recent outings they have since evolved.

The 80's and 90's saw Bond girls who could hold their own against and alongside the suave spy, and the 21st century Bond girl can more commonly be seen kicking ass.

You may lust after these lovely ladies but did you pay enough attention to them in the movies to know which films they are from? Here's you chance to prove it.

Answers at the end, as always. And good luck!

1. Xenia Onatopp

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