You'll Never Get 100% On This DC's Legends Of Tomorrow Quiz

How well do you remember the timey-wimey goodnes of the ragtag Legends team so far?

The CW

Time flies when you're travelling through literal time itself, right?

That's certainly been the case for DC's Legends of Tomorrow, with it seeming like only yesterday that Rip Hunter first assembled a crew of ragtag sorts pulled from the various corners of The CW's shared Arrowverse realm. In fact, the show has now got four seasons in the books and is looking ahead at a Season 5.

Said fifth season won't actually be arriving until January 2020, mind, but the Legends will still be a part of the huge Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover ever this December - which will see the Legends working alongside the heroes and villains of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and the new kid on the block, Batwoman.

It's been a proper roller coaster of a ride for the Legends so far, with chaos, carnage, death, and destruction seemingly everywhere the team turns. How well do you remember all of these adventures, though?

That's what we're looking at here, as we've got a quiz lined up for you that even the most ardent die-hard fan of DC's Legends of Tomorrow will struggle to get 100% on.

1. Which Future Villain In Season 1 Was Revealed To Be Mick Rory?


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