12 Science Approved Hacks To Boss Your Productivity

Step One: Take a nap (no, seriously).


Even if you love your job, it can still sometimes be difficult to motivate yourself. 

Somehow, the days just seem to slip away and you feel as though you've got nothing to show for it.

Well, what you need are a couple of tricks to help you stay on track and fly through your work, freeing up time and headspace for the important things in life like spending time with your family and filling yourself up with red wine.

Unless you've got one of those cool jobs like a lumberjack or zookeeper, the chances are that you'll spend most of your waking hours in an office or a shop where you will be required to complete a number of analytical and creative tasks throughout the day through the use of brainpower and coffee alone.

Rather than spending your week in a sort of lumbering plod, ending in a mad rush towards the end, these productivity-boosting techniques will make it easier for you to get everything done in time to be in the pub by 5:45pm on Friday without any unfinished tasks hanging over your head.

That's the good news. The even better news is that many of these techniques involve giving yourself breaks and reducing your stress levels.

Healthier, happier and more productive? Turns out you can have you cake and eat it after all.

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