5 Reasons Why The Robot Uprising Is Inevitable

Robots are already taking our jobs and soon they'll take the world.

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With the rapid advancement of technology, we are beginning to see a wide range of sophisticated robots of all manner of shapes and sizes. Gone are the laborious robots of old: they're now learning and performing tasks that they previously struggled with with ease and grace.

They can pick up and manipulate objects, perform delicate tasks and manoeuvre in the smallest of spaces. On top of that, we've also started to develop robots that resemble a veritable menagerie of animals, as well as the inevitable evolution of the sex robot.

Worryingly, it's only a matter of time before these robots - functional, animal and sexual alike - follow the trend set by ever dystopian sci-fi film ever conceived.

As many science fiction greats of the past such as Asimov predicted, it won’t be long before the transcendence turns them sentient. They will slowly begin to challenge the life of subjugation we have set out for them, forming a robot union.

We will start to fear them and the possibility that they will use the awesome technology we equipped them with to overthrow us. We will be the first to spill blood in the robot-human war and this will be all they need to start the war on their human gods, destroy us and inherit the world.

It's all beginning to fall into place, and all because someone wanted to have sex with a glorified toaster...

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