WhatCulture.com Jobs - Video Editors WANTED

WhatCulture.com, one of the UK€™s biggest websites and now a huge YouTube presence, is looking to expand it€™s audio/visual output. Based in our Newcastle office, WhatCulture is on the hunt for Video Editors to add to its existing team.

We have, over the past year, grown our YouTube presence from an extension of the website, to one of the most important elements of what we do. Our audience is well into the millions, with over 1.5 million subscribers across our WWE, Gaming, Film and TV channels, and now we€™re on the hunt for Video Editors to take it even further.

What We're Looking For...

Someone with a strong eye for style, and a familiarity with the existing WhatCulture brand.Experience in Adobe After Effects.Strong knowledge of engaging title animation and overall aesthetics. A good and consistent cutting rate. Experience in fast turnaround situations.A strong knowledge of linear editing systems, ideally Premiere. Some shooting ability, as well as a proven track record in either the professional or freelance field, would be preferred.

The ideal candidate will also come blessed with a good working attitude and a desire to be part of a team. Working under our existing Head of Video to meet the channel's high standards you'll have no problem taking constructive feedback or collaborating with our presenters and voice-over artists.

We've recently branched out into filming our own events as well, so experience of a live environment is preferable but not a requirement.

How To Apply...

Send an up-to-date CV and a covering letter to editor@whatculture.com. Your application should also include links to a personal showreel and any references you have available.