10 Greatest Ever MMA Films

Which are the real knockouts?

Mixed martial arts, in its current format, is a young sport. Really having debuted in the 90s (though it has its roots further back, in things like Vale Tudo), it's had just a few decades to insert itself into the mainstream consciousness - and a lot of what the general public did know, at least until recently, involved the sort of no rules, underground fisticuffs that, realistically, mainstream promotions like the UFC never were. That, however, is exactly the sort of depiction of the sport you'll find in cinemas, where mixed martial arts is still, well, a bloodsport. So what movies represent mixed martial arts the best? What are the best MMA movies? Well, thanks to most films getting it wrong, it really depends on what criteria you're judging by. Best action sequences? Actually using some prominent mixed martial artists? Having a script that's actually about the sport, rather than just featuring it in the background of some other drama? For the sake of including a little bit of everything, the measuring stick here will be simple: it should either be about mixed martial arts directly, or feature a mixed martial artist in a prominent role. So what makes the grade?

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