10 MMA Fights That Created Instant Legends

With one fight, legendary status was confirmed for these fighters.


The word 'legend' gets bandied about far too frequently across all sports these days.

A footballer, NBA player, or NFL star has one good season? Legend. A boxer wins a couple of fights? Legend. A golfer has a good tournament? Legend. A cricketer manages to make cricket not be the most dull and boring sport on the planet? You get the gist...

Like those other sports, the world of MMA is likewise one littered with faux legends and icons, as fans over-exaggerate somebody's legacy or are too quick to throw such prestigious labels around. Of course, that's not to say that there aren't some true revolutionaries and game-changers who fully deserve to be lauded as an MMA legend.

When looking at such legendary figures, there are always those one or two fights that stand out as being defining moments in setting a fighter on their way to superstardom or solidifying them in that top bracket of legendary names.

And here, we're going to take a look at ten such fights which can be pinpointed as being responsible for instantly creating some true legends of the world of Mixed Martial Arts.


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