10 UFC Fights You Cannot Miss In February

9. Alex Caceres vs. Kron Gracie - UFC on ESPN 1

Jeff Chiu/AP/Press Association Images

It's been a long time since a Gracie had success inside the UFC's Octagon, but that could all change when the son of Rickson Gracie, Kron, finally makes his debut for the promotion. If he's able to get this fight to the floor, he'll be able to showcase the world-class jiu-jitsu skills that made him a champion in that sport.

He won't have it easy though, as Caceres is known to rise to the occasion and play the spoiler like when he beat Sergio Pettis and Cole Miller. Both fighters have unpredictable. fun styles so it'll be extremely interesting to see who is able to earn the win on the night.

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