30 Sexiest WAGs Of 2012

The women behind the world's best footballers.

Every major tournament they come, filmed getting off planes and heading towards hotels with improbable trains of luggage, as the media speculate whether their presence will put off/inspire their husbands to victory on the pitch, and how they will cope with the traditional sex-drought running up to important games.

They are the WAGs, alwayswith careers of their own, who are hounded by the press because of who they are married to, or simply dating, thrusting them into the lime-light by paprazzis the world over.

The flip-side of all the niceness is that these WAGs have been called a real menace - they are a distraction, unwelcome in England training camps in the past, and blamed more than once for footballers turning down moves to less fashionable areas of the North.

30. Claudine Keane

Married to LA Galaxy striker Robbie Keane. First you get to play in one of the biggest leagues in the world, in the shape of the Premier League, then you become one of the most celebrated players in your country's international history, and then as your career winds down you get the opportunity to relocate to Los Angeles... Some people get all the luck.

29. Yulia Voronin

Yulia and husband Andriyareknown for their "interesting" fashion sense.

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