5 Fights That Must Happen In UFC

5. TJ Dillashaw Vs. Dominick Cruz 2


TJ Dillashaw went down to Flyweight to face current champion, Henry Cejudo, on 19 January, and he claimed no matter the outcome, he was interested in moving up to the Featherweight division to compete with Max Holloway. But, has TJ really accomplished everything he can at Bantamweight?

After successfully dethroning fierce rival Cody Garbrandt back in November 2017, and later defeating Cody once again in their immediate rematch, Dillashaw announced himself as the best Bantamweight of all time. But one man he is yet to beat is another division rival and ex-Bantamweight champion, Dominick Cruz.

It is no secret the two hate one another and Cruz believes before Dillashaw can call himself the best Bantamweight of all time, he must avenge his 2016 title loss to him.

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