5 Things To Watch For During XFL Week 1

What should you keep an eye out for during the first week of Vince McMahon's revived venture?


On 8 February, a professional football league called the XFL will air on national television for the first time since 2001. Of course, a lot has changed in the close to 19 years since we last saw an XFL game, and so has the league bearing its name.

The brashness of the original XFL of old has been replaced by a more subdued and buttoned-down appearance. The backs of jerseys no longer flaunt nicknames like "He Hate Me" or "Deathblow". The league has steered clear of controversial commercials and WWE tie-ins, although the pro wrestling giant's founder, Vince McMahon, is still very much in charge.

In its place, the XFL has promoted a fan-first personality dedicated to the love of football. Eight teams have been fielded, all owned by McMahon, and a new set of rules focusing on quickening the pace of play was created.

Will those changes be enough to save this incarnation of the XFL from befalling the same fate as its predecessor? Only time will tell, but there should be several areas to keep an eye on in the first week of action that can give us some clues as to how the 2020 edition of the XFL will fare.

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