5 Things You Didn’t Know About Matt Riddle’s MMA Career

This bro could go. He even beat Jon Jones.

As a professional wrestler, Matt Riddle is making waves in WWE's developmental promotion, NXT. Truth be told, 'The King of Bros' is currently one of the organization's brightest stars. However, years before Riddle took NXT by storm he had a successful (and somewhat underrated) MMA career.

He started out as an outstanding high school amateur wrestler who captured the state title in New York and even recorded victories over current UFC champ Jon Jones. From there, he wrestled for a couple of years at East Stroudsburg University, before embarking on his MMA journey.

The talented grappler would end up fighting in the world's biggest mixed martial arts promotion, the Ultimate Fighting Championship. However, in Riddle's case, his activities outside the cage played a larger role in derailing his career than any opponent ever would. That being said, he still had some memorable moments in the UFC.

Riddle's career was an interesting one that has been largely forgotten by all but the most hardcore UFC fans. Now that there is a renewed interest in the man from Allentown, Pennsylvania, it's the perfect time to revisit the Bro's noteworthy combat sport spell.

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