5 Things You Didn’t Know About Matt Riddle’s MMA Career

5. Dana White Publicly Insulted Riddle Following His Release

Jeff Chiu/AP

Matt Riddle has plenty of fans these days. However, UFC President Dana White is not one of them.

After Riddle was released from the promotion, White took some parting shots at his former employee.

When discussing Riddle's release, White said the following: "The reason he's not in UFC anymore is because he could not pass a drug test! You have to go to work three times a year, and you couldn't pass a drug test? You're so weak-minded and so addicted to marijuana that you couldn't stay off it enough to pass a drug test three times a year. Well, guess what dummy, they drug test in the real world, too."

Weak minded or not, the former high school amateur standout has had plenty of success outside of the Octagon. In fact, Riddle claims that he makes more money as a professional wrestler then he did during his time with UFC.

It would appear that the 'King of Bros' release from the promotion was a blessing in disguise.

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