6 Big Reasons Newcastle Are Winning Again

And no, it's not just Pardew's genius...

Newcastle are winning, and while Alan Pardew will talk up adapting a new team to the Premier League, and having long-term confidence all along, he would be lying if he didn't say some significant things had changed. It isn't down to confidence - because the tactics we currently play are the total antithesis of playing confident football (but as long as they're successful, who will complain?) - and it's nothing to do with momentum. Momentum is for stones rolling down hills, and it is entirely arbitrary and downright ridiculous to suggest that just because a team won the last game, that will win the next. If that was the case, Arsenal's Invincibles would be a footnote in football history, and not the ultimate mark of brilliance. So why are the Magpies winning? Why can Alan Pardew show his face around town again (a horrible implication that he'd have been lynched or something had he previously)? Here's a hint; as much as they'd probably like to congratulate themselves for it, it actually has nothing to do with the "pro-Pardew" media personalities who are currently smugly stroking their chins and calling the Toon Army fickle for the disgusting crime of actually wanting to win games. (And may we all be condemned for celebrating should that actually happen.) This is why...

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