6 Big Reasons Newcastle Are Winning Again

1. Lots Of Very Good Luck

It would be foolish not to accept that Newcastle's last three victories in particular have been helped by a significant portion of good fortune. The City game was probably the least fortuitous, but the young Newcastle side were lucky that City didn't go for the jugular and were badly out of sorts despite having a wealth of talent on the pitch. Part of that comes down to being frustrated of course, but on other days City would have crushed any Newcastle team put out (as the record books suggest). For Spurs, the Magpies faced a team who were far too happy to fanny about with possession that didn't really turn into any chances - aside from the goal which came as a result of a mistake - and who should have had a lot more chances before Pardew made the changes to punish them. And against Liverpool, Newcastle needed a mistake from Moreno, following an error in judgement from Glen Johnson (who shot from distance when he should have passed) to score. Yes, the tactics are set up to profit from mistakes, but those mistakes have to come, and luck plays a significant part in that. Why do you think Newcastle are suddenly winning? Share your thoughts below in the comments thread.
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