8 Biggest Body Transformations In UFC

8. Johny Hendricks


Although he hasn’t looked the same since USADA, Hendricks’ body transformation could be attributed to many different things.

At one point in time, Hendricks was one of the scariest men around at 170lb. Going into his title fight with Georges St. Pierre at UFC 167, Hendricks had already defeated some huge names in the sport including Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck and Carlos Condit.

Following his controversial split decision loss to GSP, Hendricks career took a nosedive. He lost three of his five next bouts and didn’t look like the same fighter we were all so used to seeing.

But the issues didn’t just stop at the results. Hendricks has also had a huge issue with cutting weight recently. Having never missed weight pre-GSP bout, Hendricks went on to miss weight 3 times in an 11 month period! His weight issues also seen his UFC 192 Co-Main event with Tyron Woodley after Hendricks had to be rushed to hospital and put on an IV drip.

‘Big Rig’ will always be a legend of MMA, but it would be a real shame for him to tarnish his career at this late stage.


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