8 Craziest Fighters From The Early UFCs

8. Keith Hackney (2-2)

Just stepping in the cage for the bout scheduled for his MMA debut would've made Keith Hackney worthy of a place on this list, but having gone on to win it made him a shoo-in.

This is because, instead of facing someone similar in size to himself, the American karateka fought the 600lb, 6ft 7 Emmanuel Yarborough in the first round of the UFC 3 tournament.

Despite being more than 400lbs lighter than his opponent, Hackney had no reservations in dictating the action immediately hitting Yarborough with a palm strike that dropped the gargantuan fighter. Yarborough would eventually return to his feet but Hackney would again drop his him, before forcing the referee to stop the fight.

In his semi-final bout, Hackney would establish himself in MMA meme history in his bout with Joe Son. After Son locked on a guillotine choke, the grappling novice Hackney didn't waste his time trying to escape the submission with technique and instead repeatedly (legally I might add) blasted Son with punches to the groin to force his escape. Hackney would then somehow manage to submit his opponent simply by squeezing his neck with one hand.

Though Hackney would later lose to Royce Gracie, his two wins at UFC 3 were more than enough for him to (d*ck) punch his way on to this list.

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