8 Things You Need To Know About XFL 2020

7. Has Vince Learned His Lesson?


McMahon was specifically asked about this, but offered a deliberately vague answer. He indirectly acknowledged that the old league's quality of play wasn't up to standards, and that this is something he'd address with the new XFL, but didn't go into much detail. Later, Vince claimed that his team had done a lot of research prior to the announcement, but was unwilling to comment on what specific steps had already been taken. He did agree that there was still much work to be done, however.

It's a shame that the callers didn't grill Vince on this subject, as it's absolutely critical. The original XFL failed on every conceivable level. No matter how you dress it up, it was a disaster, and the McMahons aren't exactly known for learning from their mistakes. The brevity of Vince's answers will do little to ease these concerns.

On the plus side, giving himself two full years to put the necessary infrastructure in place suggests Vince is utilising greater caution for 2020. This should ensure a smoother launch, but nothing's guaranteed.

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