Alberto El Patron To Face Tito Ortiz In MMA Fight

UFC Hall of Famer to meet former Del Rio in Combate Americas.

Del Rio tito Ortiz

Combate Americas have announced that former WWE champ and occasional shoot fighter Alberto El Patron will meet UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz in an MMA contest.

At present, we don't know any further information on time or place. Last year, the former Alberto Del Rio revealed his plans to work for Combate Americas to help with their expansion, and has since provided Spanish commentary on several of their broadcasts.

The company's president Campbell McLaren spoke about the match with GeneracionMM:

Del Rio began his MMA career shortly after entering wrestling in 2000, beginning with a TKO victory over Kengo Watanabe at Deep: 2nd Impact. His most recent fight came nine years ago, a defeat to Yamamoto Hanshi in Madrid.

Tito Ortiz made the step up to the heavyweight category as he defeated Chuck Liddell last November. In July 2012, the former UFC Light Heavyweight champ was inducted into the company's Hall of Fame.

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