Cris Cyborg To Wrestle In WWE Or AEW?

The former Featherweight World Champion is open "if the opportunity presents itself."


Cris Cyborg has revealed she would love to wrestle in WWE or AEW if the opportunity to do it arises, in an interview with MMA Fighting.

The former UFC, Strikeforce & Invicta Featherweight World Champion has recently signed with MMA promotion Bellator with the aim of "becoming the only champion in MMA to win all four of the major world titles in the same weight class."

Nevertheless, when asked about a highly-anticipated crossover into professional wrestling, Cyborg hinted that she would be open to such a move:-

“I love both AEW and WWE and the fans of professional wrestling are always stopping me in the street asking me when I am going to have a wrestling match. If the opportunity presents itself, and the deal makes sense, I would love to challenge myself with pro wrestling.”

Speculation has been rife regarding Cyborg stepping into the squared circle since she attended her first WWE live event in 2017. She was also in the audience for All Elite Wrestling's Double Or Nothing pay-per-view this year leading to reports that she was going to sign with the promotion after leaving the UFC.

A showdown with former MMA rival Ronda Rousey would arguably be the most lucrative match-up considering their longstanding feud, but for now at least, Cris Cyborg's future appears to be in fighting in Bellator.

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