How Much Will Top XFL Quarterbacks Be Paid?

Vince McMahon's football league salaries revealed.

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Vince McMahon announced the XFL's unexpected return to widespread shock and disbelief in 2018, and while the controversial football league isn't set to restart until February 2020, new details have emerged on how much the WWE Chairman intends on paying his top stars.

Per Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the XFL will fork out up to $300,000 per annum for the league's quarterbacks.

The organisation will look to attract "eight high-profile QBs" (one for each of the announced host cities) before long, and hope to have them, along with every head coach, signed by March's end. The idea is that this will give the XFL 10 full months to advertise and get ready for the upcoming season.

As expected, this number is but a fraction of what a top NFL QB can earn, with Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers pocketing a salary of $66.9 million in 2018. Therefore, it remains to be seen how McMahon's group will compete with the world's top American football league.

The XFL's previous run was an unmitigated disaster. Whether the revival succeeds where it failed remains to be seen, but at least McMahon has a plan in place.

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