UFC's Paige VanZant "Definitely Interested" In WWE Run

Step aside Ronda Rousey...

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Ronda Rousey appearing for WWE in 2018 feels like a dead cert, particularly after her meeting with Triple H last week, but she may not be the only UFC star to join the promotion this year.

Flyweight contender Paige VanZant spoke with TMZ Sports over the weekend, saying that a WWE run "is definitely something that I'm interested in." She noted that if the opportunity arose, she would "definitely go for it," adding that "if they come knocking on my door, I'm taking it. I love WWE, I would love it. I have the personality for it. Yeah, when the time is right."

PVZ also spoke on the possibility of a WWE showdown with Rousey, stating that it'd be "interesting," and the company "might have to allow some really real shots fired."


VanZant has been continually linked with a WWE run over the past 18 months. She was originally booked to appear at SummerSlam 2016, but reportedly pulled out, and the speculation persists today.

Fortune wasn't smiling on VanZant last night (January 14th), sadly. After breaking her arm in the first round, she was handily defeated by Jessica Rose-Clark in her latest UFC fight, putting all future plans (WWE or otherwise) on hold.

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