10 Actors Who Will Never Escape Their Doctor Who Roles

Defined by time and space.

Yes, you are. You are the Doctor. And guess what? You probably always will be. As one of the most beloved shows on TV, Doctor Who has the power to make instant overnight sensations of the actors who are lucky enough to take that envied first step aboard the TARDIS. Just look at Karen Gillan, for example. She could count her acting jobs on one hand before she was enlisted as the Time Lord's coveted companion and now she's making a name for herself across the Amy pond after adding the amicable accolade of fronting her very own US sitcom to her ever growing reputable résumé. Yes, it was axed halfway through its first season, but it's still one more sitcom than you'll ever have! In short, Doctor Who can either make you or break you, and sometimes even both. The world is quite literally your oyster when you decide to call it a day on your extraterrestrial escapades but some actors never manage to break away from their internationally recognised former life as a beloved sci-fi icon. In some cases, it's even ruined careers completely. There are far worse things to be defined by than the most popular franchise in the world, of course, but here are 10 actors who will never be able to escape their Doctor Who roles, no matter how hard they try. They should probably just count their blessings, really.
Doctor Who Editor
Doctor Who Editor

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