10 Hottest Ever Sitcom Sex Scenes


Let me set the scene for you... you're sitting at home with friends or family, watching your favourite sitcom when out of nowhere a surprisingly hot sex scene appears. The room goes quiet, everyone starts blushing and you look around to see if anyone noticed it or if you just made it up.

Getting hot and sweaty under the collar while watching TV can be uncomfortable, which is why I propose we celebrate these pause worthy moments together and eradicate all future awkwardness by taking pride in the fact that our favourite characters are finally getting some!

From the obvious to the surprising, this list is proof that sitcoms can be not just funny, but hot as hell!

10. Nighty Night

nighty night

This wonderfully dark offering from Julia Davis unfortunately ended in 2005 after two series. Nighty Night pushes the boundaries in the case of Jill Tyrell, played by Davis, but this sex scene is dedicated to none other than vicars wife turned nymphomaniac Sue 2. In a twist at the end of the second series, we find out that Don has had feelings for Sue all along and they plan to elope to Spain, but not before they get raunchy on the rocks. I would never have guessed that I could ever find Angus Deayton hot however, his long sandy locks flowing in the breeze gets me every time.

21 year old writer based in London.