10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Masters Of Sex

Nudity in the name of science.

As the title suggests, Masters Of Sex definitely contains a lot of... well... sex. But this show is more than just a porno in disguise. Of course, the show does have its sexy moments, especially in the first few episodes, some of which is very explicit. Despite its nakedness, the show is about what sex does to people, and what society thought of people that were open about sex. After all, this it is set in the 1950s - sex is practically a sin. It's based on the true story of Dr William "Bill" Masters and Virginia Johnson's research on human sexual response. In a nutshell, they investigated what happens to the body during sex. How? They watched random participants both having sex and ehem... masturbating. Seriously, this actually happened. It's a show for science nerds, romance lovers, and just about anyone who wants to know about sex. Don't lie, everyone falls into one of those categories. When the show was declared one that was actually worth watching, people were pretty shocked, probably because non-watchers couldn't look past the title. But, despite that, this is definitely a show that shouldn't be judged by it€™s cover. Whilst the show's raunchy nature might not be everyone's cup of tea, here are ten reasons to reconsider watching it anyway.

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