10 Sexiest Men Currently On TV

A criticism I regularly hear of this website, and in fact all Film and TV websites in general, is that the content on this site and others is aimed more at a male audience due to the sheer amount of male writers writing on the web. This site regularly puts out articles listing sexiest women in film, TV and even in the comics, so I wanted to try to balance this imbalance out a little bit. Yes, I am a homosexual male, but I am just going to assume we are all mature enough to not be bothered by this right ladies? Also, due to the sausage fest nature of this site with pretty much 90% male writers, if I didn't write this article who would... and based on the response on twitter any article on this site about "Fifty Shades of Grey" gets, I am going to assume that a lot of women/ homosexual men visit this site... so this is for you (and if you are one of those women who like a certain "white collared" man for the role, this list won't disappoint). There are a lot of hunks on TV right now... perhaps more than there has ever been at any point in TV history. I don't know about you, but I would been go as far to say that TV hunks out number film hunks considerably. Although I don't consider myself to be particularly shallow (although this list might suggest otherwise) I think this sheer number of TV hunks should be recognized... if only so TV producers would for a change put a more average looking male on TV to make us all not feel so bad... or to let us be more satisfied with the boyfriends we may have. It's incredibly difficult to rank these men on TV because there are so so so many and everyone will have their own very different personal tastes, but here goes anyway...

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