10 Sexiest Star Trek Aliens

3. Lieutenant Talas €” Cerulean Cutie

Talas All right, I'll admit it, it's the antennae, I really dig the antennae. Can't help wondering what it'd be like to grab hold and... never mind. Those sexy appendages aside, Andorian Imperial Guardsman... er, Guardswoman? Guardsperson? (Man, didn't I just have this problem with the last girl?) That blue chick, Lieutenant Talas had many other fine qualities that contributed to her being here at number three. Courageous, confident, capable and cunning... who says women don't like c-words? She was also strong and sexy, bold and of course, blue. But above all else... antennae. Sorry, just can't get past 'em. If you've ever seen any of the three episodes of Enterprise that she was in you'd know that the antennae are key to sussing out an Andorian's emotional state. Takes all the guesswork out of a relationship and lets you know where you stand. I like that in a woman, it's refreshing, much like the Lieutenant's cool, icy blue epidermis. Bet she smells like mint. Talas put the moves on Lieutenant Reed during one of her visits to the ship. Came on to him like she'd heard he wore diamond encrusted boxers. But he was all proper and politely rebuffed her advances. Seriously, what the hell are they making Starfleet officers out of these days? Feathers? Granted, she was only trying to use him to gain access to Enterprise's weapon systems because she's a c-word. You know, cunning like I mentioned before. (Word play!) And if Reed had given in then it probably would've all ended very badly for him and everyone else in the crew. And on Earth. And perhaps even the galaxy. Still, sex with a blue chick who isn't dead, so... totally worth it.
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