10 Sexiest TV Nerds That Didn't Get As Much Action As They Deserved

veronica_mars_38595 Believe it or not, the word "nerd " and all of its derivatives used to be a derogatory term. On television, nerd culture was often depicted in broad stereotypes of socially awkward losers who retired to their nerderies to play with computers and preserve their virginity. Our TV screens have seen a shift from geeks portrayed as thick-framed glasses and suspender wearing social outcasts to intellectual hotties. However, whether within their TV universe or the general consensus of its fans, some TV nerds still fail to attract the action and attention they deserve. Set your phasers to stunning with WhatCulture's 10 Sexy TV Nerds That Didn't Get As Much Action As They Deserved.

10. Annie Edison - Community

Annieedison Most of our readers will probably disagree with me on this one, especially since she is the only character to have a monkey named after a part of her anatomy. However, in the first season of Community Annie's innate sexual appeal is obscured by her conservative fashion sense and over-achieving nature. Of course the show's writers are well aware of Annie's viewer appeal, as evidenced by her numerous gif-able moments. However, although the students of Greendale acknowledge Annie's attractiveness, no one acts on it. Early in the show, Troy practically pretends that Annie doesn't exist despite her obvious attraction to him and no other student ever makes a pass at her; save for the tiny nippled hippy, Vaughn. If I were a student at Greendale, you can bet that I'd be following Annie around like a puppy dog.
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