10 Sexiest TV Nerds That Didn't Get As Much Action As They Deserved

9. Ben Wyatt - Parks and Recreation

Benwyatt Other than being a "human disaster", Ben Wyatt is an unassuming state auditor who is often teased by his co-workers for his vast knowledge of Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings and Game Of Thrones. Initially, Ben is not well received by the denizens of Pawnee, Indiana, as his serious work ethic puts him at odds with the rest of the Parks and Rec department. Eventually he lets his guard down and starts melting hearts, but he has never strayed from his dorky roots. He does not feel the need to hide his geeky tendencies, and because of this, I am going to let the man speak for himself. "You know, nerd culture is mainstream now. So, when you use the word 'nerd' derogatorily, it means you're the one that's out of the zeitgeist." "I didn't really do Model United Nations in high school...oh wait, I super did." "It's a crossover hit. It's not just for fantasy enthusiasts. They're telling human stories in a fantasy world!" "I'll just put on my Star Wars pajamas and sit in my mom's basement and pour over some spreadsheets."
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