10 Star Trek Episodes That Were Banned

Make It 'No'.

Star Trek Conspiracy

Being a family-friendly show that usually tries to instill values of hope, cooperation, and goodwill to all species, Star Trek doesn't tend to court too much controversy. Indeed, the show's more notorious moments tend to arise in pursuit of pushing a noble social cause, or society simply not liking what's reflected back at it through the mirror of an episode.

Still though, having run for over 50 years and with hundreds of episodes to its various names, sometimes lines get stepped over. Whether that's a boundary that got pushed too far, a storyline that was too close to the cultural bone, or simply just tastes and standards differing from place to place, occasionally the show isn't allowed to boldly go anywhere without major changes being needed.

It hasn't happened often, but pouring back through the annals of Star Trek lore does yield a few such examples of TV networks and other broadcasters giving episodes of the show a firm bashing with the old ban-hammer. Some have been fixed over the years with creative editing, but others still can't be aired in their original guise even today...

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