10 Status Updates On Iconic Horror Franchises

Michael, Freddy, Jason... What are they up to?

New Line Cinema

Who doesn't love a good scare?

Since the dawn of cinema, horror has taken many forms, entertaining and terrifying audiences in countless ways that have fed on everything from people's fear of the unknown to our innate dread of physical harm. Monsters, slashers, demons, aliens and more have all contributed to popular horror over the years, with single films evolving into franchises that have spawned sequels, prequels, television shows and so on.

These are series whose ongoing existence on the big and small screens have forever cemented their place in the annals of horror history in spite of terrible entries, poor creative choices and/or misguided reboots. Thanks to the passage of time and inevitable franchise fatigue resulting from concepts being pushed to their limits, nearly every one of these franchises has hit a stumbling block along the way. Some have fallen fatally while others have merely ground to a temporary stop.

But it's a testament to their fundamental iconography that they have continued to live on in spite of such issues, guaranteeing that creative minds will always be there to rebuild them from the ashes once again, for better or worse.

With the Halloween season once more upon us, let's take a look at just a few of the most popular ongoing horror franchises to get up to speed on what's happening with them, what's on the way or if we should keep our expectations about their future in check...


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