10 Things We Learned From WWE Photo Shoot: Shane McMahon

“In my view, Bret was being extremely selfish and not giving back to the company.”

shane mcmahon european champion

WWE Network is a hugely popular beast for WWE, and that's down to the fantastic mixture of old and new content that the on-demand streaming service provides for wrestling fans. And when it comes to new content, one of the most fan-pleasing shows is the WWE Photo Shoot series that provides a glimpse into some of the biggest moments in a performer's career.

In the most recent edition of Photo Shoot, it's Shane McMahon who's the focus of the action. The self-proclaimed Best in the World sits down to look back on snapshots of his life in the wrestling world, and - much like previous Photo Shoot episodes - this makes for some fascinating viewing.

Photo Shoot always manages to offer up enough interesting backstage titbits to make the show an appealing one for wrestling fans, and that is certainly the case here as Shane discusses his younger years, his dream tag team partner, his thoughts on the Montreal Screwjob, his family life, and a whole lot more.

In case you're one of those who would rather just be caught up to speed on the best bits, that's exactly what we've done for you here as we've collected the ten biggest take-homes and reveals served up by this latest edition of Photo Shoot.


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