10 TV Moments That Were Almost WAY Darker

Dexter dies! So does Stranger Things' Steve! And Bob's Burgers are made of... People?!


Game of Thrones fans—you remember your reaction to the Red Wedding, right? The dropped-jaw utter shock as you were left staring at the screen, unable to believe what you had just seen?

Fans of Breaking Bad might recall the devastating end of Ozymadias, where the entire audience was blown away by just how dark a mainstream story could get despite sharing a massive portion of the audience. There are times when an intensely dark turn can be of great benefit to a popular show, and the sudden shift in tone can leave viewers amazed by how daring the creators were during production.

However, just as often a show can blindside you with an out-of-nowhere death or a pointlessly cruel moment, leaving the preceding show ruined and viewers with a sour taste in their mouth. In cases like this, it sometimes falls to the much-maligned networks to rein in creator’s darker urges and temper their bleaker instincts.

With this in mind, and a rare apology to executives—usually we’re right to hate you, but in these cases, you were on the money with your notes—here are 10 TV moments which were almost far, far darker than what we got.

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