10 Vince McMahon Moments Netflix WON’T Talk About

10. The Limo Explosion


The infamous limousine explosion angle from June 2007 is unlikely to make the cut for one reason and one reason only: Chris Benoit. His tragedy occurred mere weeks after WWE had aimed to kill off Vince's on screen character for good, and that means this is one McMahon will want Netflix to avoid.

It'd just be a little too weird to talk about that moment without mentioning the grim backdrop of Benoit-related misery. The 25 June '07 Raw was supposed to be a tribute to McMahon's gimmick, but it ended up being held in honour of Benoit instead. That's another thing Vince must regret.

He and other talking heads may discuss his personal wish to walk away from an on-camera role, but they'll be mindful that doing so will shine a spotlight on one of wrestling's biggest controversies. Therefore, the limo might be out.


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