10 Ways The Boys TV Show Is Different From The Comics

When The Boys' comic transitioned to tv, a lot of things had to be changed.


In recent years, filmgoers have complained that the superhero genre had become oversaturated. Even though most comic films are solid, audiences are starting to tire of the same old tropes like origin stories, villain monologues, and saving the world at the last second. To stay relevant, the genre was in desperate need of a shake-up.

That's why Amazon's adaptation of the Garth Ennis' comic series, The Boys, felt like it couldn't have come out at a better time. It is set in a world where "Supes" have become so corrupt, a group of vigilantes called The Boys band together to expose them. The series was an instant hit due to it's over-the-top violence and dark humour.

Because the comic is so gory and vulgar, fans were worried the adaptation would be heavily toned down. Although this wasn't the case, there have been some major changes.

The structure and premise of the show was the same at first, but each episode has diverted more and more from the source material. By the end of season one, Amazon's The Boys had become so different, even comic fans have no idea what to expect next.

(It goes without saying that this list will contain some minor spoilers.)

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