10 Worst Star Trek: Next Generation Episodes

Set your phasers to kill these 10 awful Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes.


Almost twenty years after the third and final season of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry made an incredible comeback with Star Trek: The Next Generation. To quote Wayne Campbell from Wayne's World: "In many ways it's superior but will never be as recognised as the original." Whether you agree with that statement or not, Star Trek: The Next Generation rightfully sits amongst TV royalty as one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

In 7 seasons and 178 episodes, Star Trek: The Next Generation introduced the world to a brand new array of stars like Sir Patrick Stewart, Marina Sirtis and LeVar Burton whilst simultaneously taking the Star Trek hype train to Warp 11 with new villains such as Lore, Gul Madred and, of course The Borgs. Not to mention, with 19 Emmys under its utility belt, its fair to say The Next Generation was a show that was out of this world (there was gonna be a space pun in there somewhere, sorry!)

However, despite all the deserved plaudits this show has been showered in, it has to be said that there have been a few shockers amongst those 178 episodes. Like the time an imaginary friend came to life, or when Geordi became a weird Facebook stalker and, most impressive of all, the time that they encountered a horny green ghost. If you want to read more about some truly shocking storylines, then read on for the 10 worst Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes.

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