11 Grim TV Moments You Won't Watch Again

Vampire parasite through the eyeball? Thanks, Guillermo Del Toro...


Television shows can be a jarring investment. So much of your weeknights - whether binging or going old-school week-to-week are occupied by fictional characters you're pleased to on spend an hour with that they've become almost as much a staple of as your actual family.

So when characters die, go through traumatic experiences or grieve, you feel it. A longstanding but ultimately untrue urban legend claims that New York City suffered a water shortage after the finale of M*A*S*H because no one wanted to miss the closing minutes when they aired. Similar rumours fly around Cheers and other popular shows.

Appointment television may be a dated term thanks to Netflix and other streaming services, but the emotional investments we put into a show are still very prevalent. So much so that the "no spoilers" complaint has all but ruined watercooler office talk.

But moments of intense emotion or downright gruesomeness are best left visited only once. We're glad we saw it, but we'd rather not relive it. Here are some of the most difficult.

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