12 Recent TV Series On Netflix You Need To Binge Watch

Sci-fi, horror, superheroes and everything in between...


The television landscape is an ever-changing business as countless studios are constantly changing up the way in which they administer content, all in the hopes that they'll appeal to their audiences in new and exciting ways. But in an era largely dominated by on-demand services and streaming platforms, it goes without saying that Netflix is the one to beat.

Dropping content on fans long before it was considered the cool thing to do, it allowed its subscribers to consume endless episodes of television at virtually the drop of a hat - instead of having them do things the old-fashioned way and wait a week for a new episode (such an archaic notion, right?!).

We now live in age where 'binge-watching' has become a completely acceptable trend and, in all honesty, we have good old Netflix to thank for that. And the streaming service really does show no signs of slowing down, because it's dropped a ton of new shows in recent months and weeks that you just might have missed.

At a time when people need escapism, we have Netflix to provide us with plenty of it and luckily, they're continuing to deliver great content with some brilliant recent shows...


Michael Patterson is an experienced writer with an affinity for all things film and TV. He may or may not have spent his childhood obsessing over WWE.