14 Best TV Sex Scenes Of 2017

Small screen raunch (now including dragon fingering).

American Gods

What with Game Of Thrones changing the way families come together to watch premium, very adult TV shows, it's now more likely than ever that you'll find yourself watching sex scenes on screen with your parents. It's not even all that mortifying any more, in all honesty, but just as it's become more normal, the boundaries have been pushed even more.

There's still a watershed, but with a second, progressive sexual revolution going on in art (and in the wider cultural community around it) happening now, the conversation around sex on the screen is no longer done in hushed tones. Sexuality is now just as much a part of characterisation as education, personality and aspirations. And that's not bad thing.

It's still used to shock and entertain on a more surface level in some cases, and it's still an indicator of passion in characters, but the best sex scenes on the small screen now aren't about exploitation. And with more shows that would traditionally qualify as R-Rated content, it's all getting more heated and more realistic.

Well, apart from the scenes in 2017 including a man and a dragon snout, a boy and a pillow and a creature of fire and his lover that is...

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