17 Annoying Mistakes You Never Noticed In Friends

9. Chandler & Rachel Had Met Way Too Many Times Before The Pilot To Not Recognize One Another

Chandler Rachel Kiss Friends

The whole Chandler and Rachel saga doesn't carry quite as much weight as the Ross and Rachel saga, because - c'mon - Ross and Rachel are all that matter! I mean, to be totally honest, Chandler and Rachel don't even have a saga: they're mostly friends through association, right?

Still, things get more interesting when you consider their insane history with one another, in which they both seem to forget that they've met before, time and time again. In flashback episodes, see, the pair meet one another for "the first time" on four separate occassions - once in the pilot, once in an episode that pre-dates the pilot, once in season 5 during a college trip, and - believe it or not - once during a season 10 flashback where THEY MAKE OUT WITH ONE ANOTHER AT A PARTY.

Revert to their "first meeting," and you're saying they don't recognise each other? Shame on you, television: you played us for a fool.

8. Carol Was Pregnant For A Really, Really Long Time

Ross Carol 3 Gif

Don't worry: we're not done with listing weird Ross-related errors, given that that there are almost too many to count. Seriously, did the writers just give up on trying to give this guy something even vaguely resembling a coherent backstory? I mean, established logic seems to have vanished entirely.

Take the fact that, in the pilot, the gang are talking about Carol's lesbianism as though they recently found out about it. But then in season 3, during a flashback episode creatively titled "The One With The Flashback," set one year before the pilot, Carol tells Ross that she's a lesbian. Which makes no sense at all, given that Ben (Ross' son) is born at the end of the first season.

I mean, how would it be possible for Carol to be pregnant for so long? Is it possible that nobody on the Friends writing staff even cared about any of this? Absolutely.

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