17 Annoying Mistakes You Never Noticed In Friends

7. There Was Really No Need To Break The Foosball Table...

Friends Foosball

Remember in "The Last One," where Chandler and Joey are forced to break open their precious foosball table in order to free Chick Jr. and Duck Jr.? Sad, wasn't it? Well, it would have been, I guess, had the writers not created this moment purely as a way to manipulate your feelings at the expense of continuity!

How were they supposed to free their little friends, you ask? Breaking it open was the only way, wasn't it? Uh, not according to "The One With The Embryos," in which Chandler and Joey - moving their stuff into Monica and Rachel's apartment - are able to move the foosball table easily by separating it into two parts. Derp!

6. Monica And Chandler Were Supposed To Call Their Kid "Joey..."

Friends Baby

People always change their minds when it comes to naming their kids, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Unless, of course, you promised to name your baby after a dear friend of yours. Conveniently, though, this is television, so stuff like "agreeing to call your child Joey" can be forgotten as easily as, say, Ross' age.

In the end, of course, Monica and Chandler settle on "Jack" (after Monica's dad), but in "The One With The Blind Dates" they told Joey the honour would go to him. And just to be a bit more nit-picky: in "The One Where Rachel Has A Baby," Monica mentions she wanted to call her first son Daniel. So, that, uh, got forgotten.

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